7 Secrets of Exceptionally Successful Students

7 Secrets of Exceptionally Successful Students

Before we go ahead and explain to you the habits of exceptionally successful students it is really important to understand what success Is. Success is not about achievements, medals, recognition, or rewards. Rather a successful person is a failure who tried one more time. A successful person is often a one who has not given up and recognized that through successful habits learning from the mistakes and proving haters wrong is the true success achieved.

Ever heard of the phrase “To error is human and to repeat is stupidity”. If you want to be successful your instinct will not allow repeating the same mistakes again and rather learn from the mistakes. Ever heard of a CEO or an entrepreneur who became successful in the first shot? But the next time they tried it was a better version than before and much polished from the experience and failure.

After a lot of researches done and conducted interviews with the exceptionally successful students and their parents, we at Swiflearn concluded that there are 7 habits which can be practiced any student can perform extra-ordinary well in their examinations and career which are


1.  You are Your Greatest Asset

One of the famous Hollywood Actor Bruce Lee once used this phrase in an Interview. The first thing is to believe in yourself that you can and you will. To be successful keep yourself sharp, stay motivated, and do take care of your physical emotional, and mental well being. If you are a parent or a teacher and you are reading this you are going to be the greatest influencer and participating in the growth of the student. Don’t look for a successful personality and replicate from them rather learn from their experiences and mistakes and apply the same in your schedule and time table.


2.  Be a good listener, Understand before being Understood

Be it a  classroom or a group discussion among friends or a lecture by an educator a student should listen and try to interact within himself on the heart level. A good listener is always empathetic, active, and does gather the important points in the lecture/ speech and visualize them in mind. It’s once said by a philosopher that educating the mind without educating the soul is no education.


3.  Disconnect from Technology

With the advanced education systems and online tutions, all the study material is online and many students are attending the virtual classes for studying but do make sure that you are using the technology and gadgets to learn effectively from Online coaching sites and not surfing the Internet or on a social networking site or playing games because both of them are as addictive as sugar once you start surfing and scrolling you never know how much time you end up wasting and then regret it later. Attend your class give your eyes a break if you are in online tuition shut down the gadget get your notebook handy and start practicing and exercising what you have learned. Remember even extensive medication kills and so is for the technology. Not only it counts on your schedule but you randomly tend to surf topics that distract your mind for a very long time.

4.  Start With the Most Troublesome Subject

When you start your day or time table make sure to keep the subjects on the first priority which you find most difficult for you to learn as when you start your day your mind is fresh and ready for the exertion and mental vitality and you ought to learn faster and better compared to other times in a day, Also once you are done with the most difficult subjects you will find a lot simpler to finish remaining work as per the schedule you and gradually it will increase your mind’s viability to be prepared for the challenges when you wake up.


5.  Have a clear idea in mind where you are going.

It’s not necessary to know where you will be in 20 years from now or what University you are going to take admission in BUT as a student, you can have a clear picture of what subjects you are going to take in the future or what are your plans for this semester or what subjects are your favourite where you can pursue your career in.


6.  Review in the weekend what you have learned in the week-days

Successful students review and revise what they have learned in the weekdays. It will not only brush up the knowledge they have gained in the past week but also prepare them for the new learnings in the coming week and this way a student can continue learning new concepts.


7.  Use Study Groups Effectively

You might have heard of the phrase that two heads are better than one. Studying in groups will help you understand the concepts when you are struggling and complete assignments more quickly in team-work and if you are teaching others you are making your concepts more flawless and stronger.

We’re confident that If you will develop the habits highlighted above you will see a major improvement not only in your academics but also it will boost up your self-confidence and your inner happiness.

Good Luck!