Chemistry is at the center of many basic items, including clothes, food, and medicine. Discover how substances combine with these online chemistry courses.

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is exciting, there’s no doubt about it. As one of the three main branches of science, its impact is wide-reaching and impressive. Through chemistry we have made great discoveries, such as penicillin and pasteurisation, and made the modern world possible with inventions including plastic and lithium ion batteries. Chemistry plays a role in almost every action on earth, and in every object we touch. It’s the study of substances, and their composition, structure, and properties.

Chemical scientists are leading research on the world’s most pressing concerns, including challenges around human health, climate change, and energy. They use their scientific, problem-solving, and analytical talents to pioneer new medicine, technologies, and discoveries. They’re consulted in fields as broad as engineering, nuclear power, and space travel – working at the forefront of science is thrilling and challenging in equal measure.

Why study chemistry?

Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue, how leaves change colour in autumn, or how a tablet screen works? If you’re naturally curious, the type of person who questions why things are and how they work, and also have a love of numbers and analysis, chemistry could be the subject for you!

Studying chemistry will open doors you may not have even thought of. You can continue your career in a science-related discipline, or you can use the skills you learn in a different field. Chemists are considered thinkers, who can work with large amounts of information to make the best, measured decisions. Some of the biggest names in history have been chemists: Marie Curie, Alfred Nobel, and Robert Boyle, so you’ll be in great company.

Some topics you may study are:

  • medicinal chemistry
  • molecular pharmacology
  • physical chemistry
  • environmental chemistry
  • solid state chemistry

Discover the benefits of building your chemistry knowledge

The study of chemistry is so much more than school science projects bubbling and changing color. You can observe chemistry in action in basic tasks like baking, cleaning, and walking in the park. With chemistry courses, you will gain a better understanding of how the world works.

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