It is highly crucial to track a student’s progress while learning.  Every student is unique and has a different style of learning. A truly talented teacher will easily identify the student’s weakness and strength and teach accordingly.  Also, tracking a student’s progress will help you analyze your performance as well and make improvements accordingly.  By means of collecting as well as analyzing data, online tutors can able to make out trends and assure that their students are receiving the most out of online tutoring experience.

TutorComp has one of the most effective tracking systems to analyze the student’s progress which has the following aspects:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Student Friendly
  • Regularly updated
  • Result Oriented

Some of the methods adopted to track a student’s progress include the following:

Asking Questions

This is one of the best ways to track your student’s progress.  After tutoring a particular portion of a particular subject, ask questions, easy and tough ones so that to get an insight into the student’s knowledge and grasping level and to know whether he/she has listened to your class. Every tutor wants their session to be interesting as well as effective. Asking questions would help you to know where your student stands on that particular day. This also shows a hint of his/her future performance as well.

Taking Feedback from students

Recurrent feedbacks should be collected from your students after a week or at least a month. This shows how interested the particular subject is and how he/she rates the online tutor. Also, you can give your feedback to the student after each class. This will help the student to introspect and encourage to work harder.

Self Evaluation

You can ask your student to prepare a write up about how far he has progressed in the particular subject.  Let them compare their progress with themselves by analyzing how they performed when they joined the program and compared to now.  By this method, you will know if the student lacks confidence or is still worried about his performance.